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Students Council

Giving Students a Voice

Our Student Councils and committees for year 2020 / 2021

Our student council is an elected body of leaders chosen by the students to take on leadership roles, promote the voice of the student body, solve problems, and impact his or her community. The council comprises the academic, discipline, and events departments, and work closely with the school management team to deliver programs to benefit our student community.

Pen Pal Club

Want to make a friend from another country?
Our pen pal club is linked up with Deep Creek Elementary, Florida, USA to exchange regular correspondence among students in letters, emails, cards and chats.

Character Traits Campaign

Be the best version of yourself

The Oneiro Schoolhouses 12 Character Traits Campaign is a long-term program, which aims to develop student’s personal character and skills for lifelong success.

Students are encouraged to set their personal goals in the areas they wished to develop and are supported to grow towards them.
Every month, the students who demonstrate consistent effort in a particular trait will be awarded a badge by their class that they can wear proudly.


Student Competitions

Competing with the best
In 2008 1st such science contest was organized in Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Romania and Russia. After that a number of other countries Egypt, Indonesia from Asia, America and Europe joined the contest. In Pakistan, the competition “International Kangaroo Science Contest” is organized by the Kangourou Sans Frontières – Pakistan.


Mathlympics was inspired by the Olympics whereby athletes compete against each other, yet cultivate sportsmanship across the globe at the same time.

it aims to reduce the assessments of mechanical calculation skills, and emphasises on measuring analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Singapore Maths Digital Suites

The Digital Suites for Maths program adopts the pedagogical principles of the Singapore Math to hone students’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills through story-based interactive animations, animated tutorials and mind-stimulating quizzes. Through a curated 12-week program, students will acquire mastery of concepts through scaffolded learning with a specialized trainer as well become independent learners in solving math challenges!
his program is open to all grades 1 to 6 students.
Program details: 12 weeks, 24 sessions
Lessons: 45 minutes per session

Coding Labs

Our Coding Lab offers game design and development programmes through a project-based approach that builds on young learners’ 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. Ubbu is a block-based coding programme that prepares children for the future. It strives to develop logical reasoning, troubleshooting, and creativity. This allows children to become capable and informed citizens who can understand, navigate, and participate in the digital world. After participating in the program, students showed a significant improvement in performance in Maths and Logical Reasoning.
This program is open to all grades 1 to 6 students.
Program details: 12 weeks, 24 sessions
Lessons: 45 minutes per session

STEM Discovery Trails

Our STEM program comprises specialized tracks in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Each track comprises exciting opportunities for exploratory learning experience beyond the classroom. On a STEM trail, students learn how science, technology, engineering and mathematics can be used synergistically to explore and handle problems in a real world environment.

Annual Sports Day 2022

After weeks of tireless training, our young sportsmen and sportswomen demonstrated their physical prowess against one another in our Annual Sports Day on March 17 (Thu).

Kudos to all our winners, including our talented teachers!

We applaud all participants who have demonstrated such sportsmanship, as well as our dedicated student council who saw to it that all operations ran smoothly.

We couldn’t have done it without the support of all our staff team and students, as well as our dear parents.

Thank you and congratulations  to all! We’re so proud of you.

Spring Fest 2022

Presenting the highlights of our Spring Fest 2022!

To our students, you’ve shown your tenacity to push past the gruelling practice to perfect your craft. You have demonstrated the courage to stand before the crowd and ready to give your best. We’re so proud of you!

To our staff team, you’ve shown your dedication in ensuring such high level of student motivation and execution. You’ve ensured every detail of the event is looked after. We salute your efforts!

To our parents, thank you for being our biggest fans in making this event possible. You’ve shown so much enthusiasm and support for your child(ren)’s involvement, and have gone to great lengths to make all necessary preparations. We’re so grateful for you