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How does the Oneiro Schoolhouse ensure Chromebook user security?

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In this blog, we will explore how the Oneiro Schoolhouse ensures students use their chromebooks for its intended purpose.

Students of grades 3 and above are entrusted with Chromebooks for learning. To keep students safe on the internet, the school uses a number of security tools. 

“Securely” is an app that keeps students away from dangerous platforms through the following means: 

  • Enhances student  wellness by blocking harmful sites
  • It creates an environment for students to study
  • 24-hour monitoring and real-time alerts

LanSchool Air is another tool that gives control to teachers and administrators the power to block, shut down, or reboot student chromebooks in case of misuse in class..

At the beginning of every academic year, parents are provided with a form. These forms are an agreement between the parents and the school to safeguard their children from dangerous online platforms.

The school itself has some policies such as:

  • Students are directed NOT to use the chromebook for any entertainment purposes such as:
  1. Playing games
  2. Watching videos
  3. Using social media
  4. Download any songs, movies, or other distracting content.

Furthermore, teachers often check students’ Chromebooks to ensure they are not using any proxy or have rebooted their Chromebooks. If teachers catch someone going against the rules, the student has to face the consequences. These include the confiscation of chromebooks for at least a week, a warning letter to parents, and a fine.

With strong internet safety framework in place, supported by keen parent-teacher cooperation, we’re confident that our students are safe to explore knowledge on the internet.


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