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Kashmir Day and New Junior Campus

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In this blog, we will report on two major events which took place recently in the Oneiro Schoolhouse – Kashmir Day and the opening of our new campus.

Kashmir Day

Kashmir is a place in the northernmost area of the Himalayan region. It is a beautiful land with lush green plains, snow-capped mountains, and beautiful lakes with a variety of animals and fruits. However, despite its beauty, this land has been the center of violence for the Indian army. Actually, Kashmir is a “disputed region” on which India is ruling forcefully. However, this land belongs to Pakistan and since the people there are speaking up and working for their freedom, India is using the power of armed forces to keep this region under their control.


Every year on 5 February, Pakistanis celebrate Kashmir Solidarity Day to show support for Kashmiri people struggling and facing hardships for their freedom.


To observe this day, students at the Oneiro Schoolhouse made special efforts. They recited poetry, presented beautiful posters, made speeches about Kashmir’s history and current situation, and a beautiful song in the support of Kashmiri people was sung as well. Presentations to inform people about Kashmir’s culture were also made. And, it was all compiled into a beautiful video released on the school’s social media platforms. Students also wrote short messages for Kashmir which were pasted in the school’s corridor.


Our message, as a school in whole, on this day to our Kashmiri brothers and sisters is prayers and advocacy for their rights to freedom. We hope and pray for Kashmir’s freedom.


Our New Campus

The Oneiro Schoolhouse is proud to announce the opening of its Junior Campus! For students from Playgroup to Kindergarten, the new campus consists of open-concept classrooms which are student-centered learning spaces to encourage collaboration and active learning. The campus is beautifully decorated to keep the youngsters interested and excited for learning!

When Hussain Abubakar asked students of Kindergarten to reflect on their experience in the new campus, they said that it is full of activities and decorations which make them excited and interested in learning.

In conclusion, we would like to congratulate the whole Oneiro Staff for their efforts towards benefitting the students.

By:  Hussain Abubakar, Farzaan Jamal, and Abdul Hadi




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