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Mother Language Day/ Bebras Competition

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In this blog, we discuss International Mother Language Day and the International Bebras Informatics Competition (IBIC).             

Mother Language Day

There is no doubt in the fact that English is the most commonly used language in the world. However, this does not mean that other languages are insignificant and speaking them shows illiteracy. 

This is the essence of International Mother Language Day. This day is celebrated every year on 21st February to spread awareness about respecting every language in the world and speaking them with pride.

On this day, the Writing Club has a very special story to share. 

Maryam Bilal Tang Zhenni, a pupil at the Oneiro Schoolhouse studying in grade 3, was born in China. Her father was from Pakistan while her mother was from China. Recently, the family shifted to Pakistan.

Maryam, still a young girl, struggled here as it was very difficult for her to communicate due to language barriers. But, she did not give up and tried her best to learn Urdu. Soon, she started observing how her relatives speak Urdu and learning from them. Her parents also helped her during this period.

When Hussain Abubakar asked Maryam to describe her experience of learning her second mother language, she said, “It was hard, but interesting as well. My family helped me greatly.” During her interview, she also stated that being able to speak Urdu made her feel proud.

Now, Maryam Bilal is fluent in her second mother language (Urdu) and can converse in it effectively.

Maryam’s heart touching story describes the essence and purpose of International Mother Language Day. Every person in this world should respect their mother language(s) and speak it/them with pride and confidence.

“Language is the blood of the soul in which thoughts move and from which they grow.”


International Bebras Competition


Hard work and dedication have always been required for success, which the Oneiro Schoolhouse has demonstrated for many years. After winning medals at the IKMC, we would like to share the exciting news that the Oneiro Schoolhouse has won many honors at the International Bebras Informatics Contest (IBIC) as well!

The International Bebras Informatics Contest (IBIC) is a rewarding and enjoyable competition that promotes informatics and computer literacy. Participants in this challenge will not only be able to assess their informatics (Computer Science or Computing) and computational thinking capabilities, but they will also have the chance to develop their problem-solving abilities.

When we asked Farzaan Jamal Khan, the silver medal winner for IBIC, to elaborate on his experience in IBIC, he said, “The test was all IQ-based. Every question had its taste. At first, the test was difficult. As I carried on, it became fun and interesting. Oneiro Schoolhouse helped me break my limits. I am thankful to them and all my teachers for their help”. During his interview, he also said, “Being able to win a silver medal helped me a lot. It motivated me to improve even more. I am always looking forward to challenges.”

Just like Farzaan, the Oneiro Schoolhouse has inspired all of its students to “break their limits” and achieve their goals and aspirations. Challenging the students with interesting and rewarding competitions has always helped us accomplish this mission. We look forward to many more fun and productive competitions with fruitful rewards!

Learn more about IBIC


By Hussain Abubakar (Writer), Farzaan Jamal Khan (Writer), and Rayyan Ahmed (Photographer)



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