Student Presentation and Awards

And it’s a wrap! Our academic year of 2018/19 came to a close on a high note. We were serenaded by our Early Years students with “The Earth is My Home” and we salute all of you as her valiant defenders. We applaud the efforts of our elementary students who brought us an original composition of “The Water Cycle Song” and a host of investigative projects ranging from earth science to space science. We were also highly entertained by the beautiful recitation of Urdu poems and the creative games and dance that our students coded. To top it off, we gave out awards to 16 of our students who achieved stellar results in the International Kangaroo Mathematics Competition as well as Outstanding Student Awards to 11 students who not only excelled academically but were role models in their behaviour. At the end of it all, our hearts were full and we wish to thank all students, teachers and parents for a magnificent year. We’ll see you soon in our summer camp!

#studentledlearning #projectbasedlearning

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