The New Semester by Omair Shah

This new semester, we have started new things at Oneiro Schoolhouse. We have launched the new G-Suite Google Classroom, a new timetable for classes has begun, we are welcoming new teachers, and we are starting new projects.

Up until now, all accounts were managed through unrestricted Gmail profiles. Now, all accounts have been upgraded to a school-wide domain using Google’s G-Suite. This means that the school is able to closely monitor and restrict student use of the computers and internet, ensuring internet safety for all students.

Before, different subjects were taught at the same time depending on student grade levels. Now, everybody is taught the same subject at the same time depending on their skill level. This makes sure all students are taught at the level that they need. A student may be weaker or more advanced in one subject than other subjects. The new timetable lets students learn at what level they are at for each subject.

Two new teachers have joined Oneiro Schoolhouse. Ms. Eman is assisting in 1st and 2nd grade, and Ms. Eshal is teaching kindergarten. We are all very excited to have them with us.

We are beginning projects each month to show students how to use what they’re learning in class in new ways. This month, students get to choose between designing their own video game, starting a burger truck restaurant, or designing a zoo. Kindergarteners and 1st graders are creating a garden scene in their classrooms and making insects out of clay. Students are all very excited and interested in working on their projects.

In conclusion, all of these changes are very exciting to all students and teachers, and we look forward to a great new semester.

About the Author: Omair is 8 years old, and in third grade. He enjoys math (especially multiplication drills and mental math) and English. Pizza, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are his favorite foods. His hobbies include video games and soccer. But he’s afraid of the dark.

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