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The Oneiro Schoolhouse is proud to present our team of passionate educators who brings their international knowledge and experience from Singapore, USA, UK and Saudi Arabia. More importantly, our team brings passion and dedication every single day to enthuse every student on their personal learning journey.

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Miranda Shah

English Language Arts, History & Mindfulness

Energetic and driven, Miranda is always excited to take on the next challenge and push our team forward. She ensures that our English program keeps up with the latest developments in the USA.

Farhaj Tahir

Computing & Programming

Loved by students and staff alike, Farhaj brings knowledge, enthusiasm and joy to Oneiro Schoolhouse. As our programming specialist, he is always on the lookout to take our digital learning tools and classroom connectivity to the next level.

Khansa Rauf

Urdu & Islamic Studies

Khansa's enthusiasm for her expertise and extensive experience makes her a perfect mentor and role model for students.

Aleena Hameed


Fun-loving and patient, Aleena makes even the most mundane math topic fun and fulfilling to students. It is impossible not to love math in her class.


The Early Years Team

Class Teachers & Specialist

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Laiba Javed


Laiba's smiles and warmth lights up her class every single day. Her calm demeanour rubs off our little ones who stay joyfully engaged the entire day.

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Rabia Haris


Motivated and driven, Rabia brings out the best in her students by entrusting them with a great sense of responsibility and learning disposition.

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Tarum Razzaq

First Grade

Tarum holds her class to the highest standards with her dedication and tireless attention to details to ensure an enriching daily learning experience for her students.

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Sunbal Mir

Second Grade

Sunbal brings her class to life with engaging stories and enchanting works of art. She hones their communication skills and encourage.