Oneiro School House

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Ezel Ting

Head of School

Here at Oneiro Schoolhouse, our team brings passion and dedication every single day to enthuse every student on their personal learning journey. We believe every child is capable and deserves to be respected and appreciated. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to grow, learn, and create. Students are encouraged to take charge of their own learning and participate fully – discuss ideas, collaborate on projects, share their work, and receive feedback with pride. We give students the foundation to reach their potential and gain confidence both academically and socially.

Our Leadership Team

The Oneiro Schoolhouse is proud to present our team of passionate educators who brings their international knowledge and experience from Singapore, USA, UK and Saudi Arabia. More importantly, our team brings passion and dedication every single day to enthuse every student on their personal learning journey.

Miranda Shah

Head of Training and Development

I have always delighted in children’s curiosity and wonderment. Encouraging their exploration and finding joy in learning new things is what drives me as an educator. Observing new students’ confidence blossom as they develop a love of learning with us is a testament to how well our education model works. We are different; we believe in our students and their capabilities. We want each student to shine for their own unique strengths and use those talents to propel them to greater heights. Onerio Schoolhouse strives to remember each child should never fit into a box, and I’m proud to be part of such a joyful learning experience.

Nuzhat Fatima

Middle\High School Coordinator

Aiming at inspiring my students, I have always worked to instill in them values such as empathy, respect for others, and the desire to learn. Considering the demand of today’s world, teaching should evolve a holistic approach where students are engaged to become critical thinkers, preparing them to become the leaders of the future!

Khansa Rauf

Elementary School Coordinator

I believe in sharing the knowledge that we have. Thus, I am with The Oneiro Schoolhouse to be a role model of a teacher, a facilitator , and a mentor to students. This school community is like my family where I work comfortably in a collaborative and supportive culture to help my teammates grow together and explore their skills.

Ayesha Bhatti

Preschool Coordinator

Teaching preschoolers is such a blessing. You allow children to take the time they need to develop new skills and offer them endless opportunities to play and learn. Each child discovers their special talents and gifts in their own time. I would like to use my experience and expertise in childcare from Singapore to make sure every child embarks on an amazing adventure of self-discovery in our preschool.

The Early Years Team
Class Teachers & Specialist

Laiba Javed


Laiba’s smiles and warmth lights up her class every single day. Her calm demeanour rubs off our little ones who stay joyfully engaged the entire day.

Rabia Haris


Motivated and driven, Rabia brings out the best in her students by entrusting them with a great sense of responsibility and learning disposition.

Tarum Razzaq

First Grade

Tarum holds her class to the highest standards with her dedication and tireless attention to details to ensure an enriching daily learning experience for her students.

Sunbal Mir

Third Grade

Sunbal brings her class to life with engaging stories and enchanting works of art. She hones their communication skills and encourage.