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The Joys and Pains of Living with Covid-19

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Students of the Oneiro Schoolhouse have adapted very well to the Covid-19 pandemic

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every single one of us – both positively and
negatively. In this blog, we get an insight to how this virus outbreak has changed the lives of the
Oneiro Schoolhouse’s students.

The Covid Era
In 2019, a new strain of the coronavirus was detected in Wuhan, China. It turned out to be very
dangerous as it could damage the respiratory system of a human and even prove to be lethal.
Hence, many measures were taken to stop the spread of this virus. These included lockdowns,


good hygiene, and social distancing. However, these measures had a lot of negative outcomes.
Because of them, social isolation and depression became common issues amongst people,
especially children. Furthermore, the physical health of humans was also affected as due to
lockdown, the amount of every day exercise like walking, had reduced significantly.


But, there was a second side to the argument. Because of the pandemic, online work became a
routine. This was especially beneficial for some students as they did not have to take tests or
worry much about academics.

In this hard time, how did the students of Oneiro Schoolhouse spend their time? What
challenges did they face? What things did they find positive?

Let’s find out.

The Life of Oneiro Schoolhouse’s Students During Covid-19

In an interview with Farzaan Jamal Khan, Ayan Mirza of Grade 5 shared the challenges he faced
during this pandemic. “Being unsocialized [socially isolated] was the biggest challenge for me. I
was sad and worried. Without friends, it was very hard to focus on studies,” he said.
Ayan’s thoughts also reflect the thoughts of many other students, from Grade 2 till Grade 8.                                    The main challenges they faced during COVID were:

● Social Isolation
● Depression
● Academic struggle

However, as discussed before, there was also a second side to the argument. Emaan Shahzad of
Grade 8, said, “Because of Covid, we did not have to take tests. So that was something positive.
Also, we sometimes enjoyed being at home and playing online games. It was a new experience.”

This excerpt of her interview with Farzaan Jamal Khan highlights the main things students of
the Oneiro Schoolhouse found positive about Covid-19:

● No tests
● Playing online games
● Going through something completely different

Finally, to cope with the challenges they faced during Covid-19, most of the students
recommended the following:

● Watch funny videos or read books
● Spend time with family
● Make efforts to stay physically fit even at home

In conclusion, students of Oneiro Schoolhouse faced social isolation, depression, and struggled
academically during Covid-19. However, some positive things for them were no tests, being able
to play online games, and experiencing something completely different. To cope with the
challenges they faced, students watched and read joyful content, spent time with their families,                              and made efforts to stay physically fit.


By:  Hussain Abubakar(G7), Farzaan Jamal Khan(G7), and Abdul Hadi(G7)


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